Culinary Job Training Program

We Run This empowers young people, by engaging students to develop entrepreneurship, culinary skills, nutritional awareness, and agency. As a social enterprise of the Kheprw Institute, We Run This will focus on youth reentering from prison. Through mastery in the culinary arts and personal development, We Run This interns and graduates will provide nourishment for their community. 

Core Competencies for the We Run This Culinary Curriculum:

I. Basic knowledge of Kitchen Sanitation and Hygiene

  • Demonstrate Proper hand washing
  • Explain and Demonstrate proper kitchen attire
  • Explain the different sinks in the kitchen
  • Demonstrate cleaning and sanitizing
  • Demonstrate set-up of a three-basin sink
  • Demonstrate knowledge of preventing contamination
  • Explain and Demonstrate proper storage in a fridge

II. Identify and demonstrate a variety of kitchen equipment

  • Identify and demonstrate application for various hand tools
  • Identify tool locations within the kitchen
  • Identify and recommend tools based on name, physical description, and/or usage.
  • Demonstrate usage within various recipes

III. Understanding a recipe and utilizing basic measurements

  • Identify and explain the parts of a recipe
  • Demonstrate basic measurements
  • Demonstrate increasing/ decreasing a recipe
  • Explain and Demonstrate mise en place
  • Demonstrate preparation of a recipe
  • Explain the importance of standardized recipes

IV. Demonstrate Basic knife skills and knowledge of a variety of cuts  

  • Identify the different kinds of knives in our kitchen
  • Explain the different parts of the knife
  • Demonstrate proper knife grip
  • Demonstrate proper guide hand position and rolling technique
  • Demonstrate a variety of knife cuts

V. Understand and demonstrate different cooking methods

  • Understand the importance of seasoning as you cook
  • Demonstrate and explain sautéing
  • Demonstrate and explain braising
  • Demonstrate and explain roasting
  • Demonstrate and explain blanching
  • Demonstrate and explain pan frying

VI. Identify, describe, and properly prep a variety of fruits and vegetables

  • Identify and describe vegetables in our kitchen
  • Identify and describe fruits in our kitchen
  • Demonstrate proper preparation for various produce
  • Wash and prep potatoes- why do they need to be kept in water?
  • Identify and Demonstrate proper cooking methods for various  produce (applying knowledge of cuts, produce, and cooking methods to create culinary art)

VII. Write original recipes to create a balanced meal

  • Understand the components of a complete meal
  • Create and accurately document a recipe for a main dish
  • Create and accurately document a recipe for a side dish
  • Create and accurately document a recipe for a dessert

VIII. Demonstrate a basic bread making technique

  • Explain what gluten is
  • Demonstrate and explain proofing yeast
  • Demonstrate proper kneading of breading
  • Explain and demonstrate proper texture for sandwich bread dough
  • Demonstrate “windowpane” test for gluten development
  • Explain bulk fermentation
  • Demonstrate proper shaping of a baguette
  • Demonstrate baking, cooling, and storing of a baguette

IX. ServSafe 8-hour training

X. Demonstrate Basic Knowledge of Inventorying

XI. Demonstrate Basic Knowledge of Customer Service

The We Run This Program is a 10 week, 10 Hour per week, Culinary Job Training and Entrepreneurship Program.


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