“We Run This” empowers young people, by engaging students to develop entrepreneurship, culinary skills, nutritional awareness, and agency. As a social enterprise of the Kheprw Institute, “We Run This”, will focus on youth reentering from prison. Through mastery in the culinary arts and personal development, “We Run This” interns and graduates will provide nourishment for their community.

  • Youth Development
  • Job-Skills Training Reentry Youth Case Management
  • Event Catering
  • Culinary and Nutrition Workshops
  • Plates-to-order (delivery optional)
  • Personal Chefs 
  • Culinary Logistic Consultation
  • Serv Safe Classes and Examinations
  • Event Planning
  • Food Truck
  • Food Recovery 

“We Run This” program staff and interns work collaboratively to deliver the aforementioned services to the community. Interns will be youth 16-22 years old, with preference to youth recently reentering the community from prison. All interns will be self-selected through expressing interest in the program. For youth currently incarcerated, the self-selection process is achieved through completing the weekly Culinary and Life Skills Job-Training Program implemented in Juvenile Correctional Facilities, beginning with Pendleton North Juvenile Correctional Facility. All students who complete the Culinary and Life Skills Job-Training Program will be offered case management services.
Youth who graduate from the program while incarcerated, who show aptitude and express interest, will be offered a spot as an intern with “We Run This”. All “We Run This” interns will be engaged in 12-18 week culinary intensive. Internships within the community will last 12-18 weeks leading to an externship, including job opportunities with partnering businesses, kitchens, organizations, long-term positions with “We Run This,” etc.